What is Zipphy?

A Platform for Cognitive Document Processing  to streamline and accelerate your business processes by automating the document processing workflows

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Machine Learning Engine: Backbone of Zipphy

  • Design document types with No Code easy to use UI

  • The Zipphy engine enables automated processes for classification, indexing, splitting, and validation of documents.


Our solutions can easily be configured into your existing business systems and optimise your business processes.

Document Ingestion & Processing

Increases the operational efficiency and produces quicker turnaround by automating document ingestion and routing.

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Structured Data

Enriches organisation data by acquiring and indexing unstructured enterprise data from across multiple systems.

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Cost Optimisation

Improves productivity and performance by streamlining business workflows and reducing manual interpretation errors.

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Optimised Processing time

Automating the document processing operations removes the manual errors and delay from the workflows.

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Simplified Compliance & Reduced Risk

Reducing risks and compliance by automatically analysing documents for standard content.

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Customer Experience

Reduced time to deliver and consistency in the processes leading to a better customer experience.

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A Better, Faster, Cheaper solution to

your document processing problems.

With its vast collection of pre-built industry-specific models and efficient design tools quickly get it up and running in weeks.

How it works


Increase in productivity

Automating the document processing workflows lets your team focus on core business operations.


Improved Turnaround

Reduced manual dependency and errors, increases the processing time.


Reduced Operational Cost

Improved processing time and manual efforts result in overall cost optimization.

Zipphy Platform

Choose a solution that best caters to your business.

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Splitter BOTS

Zipphy Document Splitter helps in identifying documents of interest, extraction and
Labelling from a large set of scanned documents.

  • Identify document boundaries seamlessly

  • Patch sheet separation for splitting large documents.

  • Split Multiple Instances of the Same Document Type and Format.

  • Extract documents of interest from a large document.

  • Extract documents of interest from a large document.

Classification BOTS

Index, classify and route your documents making your data more structured allowing you to maximize its utilization.

  • Assign document type labels to documents.

  • Automatically classify and separate documents to determine what they are and where they should go.

  • Human validation and correction for low confidence documents.

  • Group document types per department and use cases in the organization.

How it works?

Using pre-built models and quick model training workflows with real-world documents,  the bots can be made ready for use in days.

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