Taking the Banking and Financial Services to next level.

Streamline the banking operations

KYC Processes
The models can recognize and interpret data to identify documents or proof of residence and route data to the target areas in the workflow.

AML Processses
Automate transaction monitoring, currency transaction reporting (CTR) systems, customer identity management and other anti-money-laundering checks.

Loan Approval
Speed up decision-making by streamlining the generic workflows to recognize, classify, and route the supporting documents in various languages to respective departments.

Account Opening
Remove bottlenecks caused due to legacy systems and improve turnaround to open accounts by automating the document process workflows.

Automated workflows can ensure accuracy and improved turnaround for outward or inward remittances.

Ensure regulatory compliance by automating mandatory checks in documents for accurate and timely reporting.

Benefits of Zipphy’s Cognitive solutions
  • Predict customer churn
  • Gain insight for potential opportunities
  • Great customer experience
  • Compatibility with existing Legacy systems
  • Support for multiple types and sources
  • Fraud Detection
  • Improved turnaround and accuracy in the operations
  • Ensured compliance with regulations
  • Avoid losses due to non-compliance issues

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